About Us

PDA International develops, markets and implements the PDA (Personal Development Analysis) Assessment. The PDA Assessment is a simple, accurate and scientifically supported methodology that describes and analyses the Behavioural Profile of individuals.

Additionally PDA International designs and implements training and consulting solutions leveraged on the information obtained through the PDA Assessment. These solutions range from face-to-face consulting workshops, such as Talent Management, Team Building, Commercial Screening, led by expert consultants, to the use of MyPDACoach.

MyPDACoach is an online, self-managed instrument that has been designed to help people develop their competencies and improve behavioural attitudes to achieve success. This is PDA International's contribution to Talent Management, we help empower people and teams so that they may face and overcome challenges. In the last 10 years, the products and services created by PDA International have helped more than 4000 companies improve their sales effectiveness and increase productivity. Today PDA International Customers in more than 30 countries recruit, retain, manage, develop and train employees to enhance performance.

PDA International has worldwide presence through its successful Partners Programme.

For more information on PDA International, as well as on its products and solutions, please visit www.pdainternational.net