MyPDACoach, change accelerator.

At PDA International we have developed MyPDACoach, an online instrument that complements and strengthens traditional self-development and coaching processes with the information provided by the PDA Assessment.

During the six weeks of the process,MyPDACoach helps individuals incorporate high impact behaviours that lead to individual and team success.

Behavioural change is possible. MyPDACoach will turn you into an agent of change.

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What is MyPDACoach?

 MyPDACoach is an online tool that was developed to complement and strengthen coaching processes with the information obtained through the PDA Report.

MyPDACoach allows Coaches to accompany their Coachees during their skills-development processes.

MyPDACoach consists of five steps that are simple and intuitive for both the Coach and the Coachee.

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How does it work?

 The PDA Assessment allows the MPC Coach to know the behavioural style of his/her Coachees in an objective and deep manner. This will allow the Coachee to identify the strengths and developmental areas.

MyPDACoach allows the MPC Coach and Coachee to define the Competence to be Developed after a Deep and detailed PDA Feedback session.

MyPDACoach is intuitive and user-friendly. It can be administered via web and through the mobile app for smartphones.

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